Books by Ray Morose
Most   like   to   know   the   historical   and     educational    background    of    people they       meet,       as       it       provides information   to   interrelate   or   use   as a   reference   to   categorize   or   label. Likewise,      most      readers      enjoy knowing      the      historical      and/or educational   background   of   authors they      have      read,      or      consider reading,       with       the       information equally    being    used    to    categorize and/or label. However, the books by
t his    author    do    not    easily    fit    into    any    compartmentalized    classification    as    they recombine   the   three   major   areas   of   existence:   psychology,   philosophy,   and   religion into   one   making   the   books   difficult   to   classify.   Consequently,   the   books   stand   or   fall on their content, free of preemptive labeling. The   author   was   born,   raised,   and   educated   in   mid-west   Canada.   He   now   lives   in Ocean   Shores   NSW Australia.   In-between   those   early   formative   years   and   now   he   held various   governmental   funded   positions,   worked   in   the   commercial   field,   as   well   as owned    and    operated    different    types    of    businesses.    While    those    material    events progressed   from   his   first   employment,   three   years   in   the   Canadian   Air   Force,   to   his last   occupation,   owning   and   operating   a   health   food   café   in   Melbourne   Australia   ,   the author   has   continually   investigated   the   'how'   and   'why'   of   personal   existence.   That ongoing   investigation   covers   a   span   of   some   forty   years,   which   included   a   short   stay within    a    Cistercian    monastery    to    exploring    various    Indian    and    Tibetan    religious traditions    in    both    India    and    Nepal.    Upon    retirement    Ray    began    writing    about    his internal explorations. The   result   of   those   inner   explorations   resulted   in   seven   books   written   over   a period    of    twelve    years.    Only    three    of    those    books    remain    in    print:    The    Mind    of Consciousness ,    The    Source-code    of    Existence ,    and    Experiential    Christianit y.    All earlier   books   are   out-of-print   and   there   is   no   intention   of   having   them   republished   as all   information   they   contain   is   encapsulated   within   the   three   remaining   books.   The content   of   the   books   have   a   developmental   progression,   which   is   similar   to   life. Consequently,   the   first   four   books   are   similar   to   living   through   childhood,   the   teenage years,   and   early   adulthood.   The   final   three   books   can   then   be   referenced   as   entering the   middle   and   later   mature   years,   where   one   is   expected   to   develop   experiential intelligence.   Thus,   the   books   reflect   the   author's   lifetime   struggle   to   uncover   purpose and   meaning   for   individual   existence   that   culminated   in   an   intellectual   structure   that can   be   experientially   verified.   That   verification   confirms   that   another   cannot   do   this internal   exploratory   work   for   you.   You   must   do   it   yourself.   Hence,   each   of   the   three remaining   books   provides   all   the   tools   for   that   internal   adventure   but   it   is   up   to   the reader   to   use   them.   If   used   correctly   you   will   experience   that   structure   and   gain   an empirical confirmation that no one can give you. Likewise, you cannot give to another. If   you   have   a   sense   of   dissatisfaction   that   never   relents   or   an   unquenchable   thirst   to understand    your    existence    then    any    one    of    the    last    three    books    will    provide    an intellectual    foundation    to    understand    why    that    dissatisfaction    exists    and    tools    to explore   your   existence.   They   also   demonstrate   how   to   correctly   use   those   tools   and, by   doing   so,   impart   a   direction   to   begin   your   inner   journey.   Then   you   are   on   your   own. This   is   a   personal   journey   to   define   your   existence   and   confirm   your   place   in   the universe   and   only   you   can   do   that   work.   Although   you   must   take   this   journey   by yourself,   if   you   require   support   along   your   chosen   pathway,   please   feel   free   to   email me using the contact form on the website. With    continued    effort    you    will    eventually    discover    an    effortlessness    within, revealing   or   unveiling   the   Living-Essence   of   existence   that   reflectively   exists   within you.   That   internal   discovery   is   self-confirming   and   can   never   be   lost   or   taken   away from   you.   It   is   permanent.   That   new   vision   unveils   that   you   have   it   all   from   the   very beginning   but,   unknowingly,   self-created   veils   artificially   concealed   what   is   in   plain sight    within    everyone.    Thus,    by    discovering    that    internal    effortlessness,clarity    of insight   naturally   arises   illuminating   an   innate   directional   pathway   used   to   forge   a   self- confirming authenticity for your life. This   may   be   an   unusual   author's   page   but   written   in   this   format   as   the   author   is   but   a' finger'    pointing    at    the    moon.    Hence,    the    format    is    constructed    in    a    manner    that eliminates   any   possibility   the   reader   might   mistakenly   take   that   'finger'   as   the   moon. Accordingly,   the   content   of   the   books   reveal   the   dark   side   of   the   moon   as   a   self- created   world   deprived   of   Light,   exposing   the   shadow-world   of   existence.   However, the    same    moon    also    reflects    the    Sun's    brilliance.    Therefore,    it    is    a    challenging adventure   to   learn,   and   understand,   how   and   why   the   dark   side   of   the   moon   exists and   so   avoid   becoming   trapped   within   its   shadow.   That   self-confirming   experiential information   clears   a   pathway   for   you   to   be   in   a   knowledgeable   position   to   make   an informed   choice   to   live   in   the   Sun's   Light.   By   that   choice   you   reflect   that   Light   to those   who   live   in   their   own   shadow.   Thereby,   transforming   yourself   into   an   evolved and    progressive    citizen    of    this    planet,    setting    the    foundations    for    a    life    beyond physical existence. * * *