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Essays on Existence or ‘Thoughts to Reflect Upon’ The   intent   of   the   essays   is   to   support   individual   evolution.   They   are   automatically   sent out   to   those   who   have   purchased   one   of   the   books   or   e-books.   If   you   have   not purchased   one   of   the   books,   and   would   like   to   be   on   the   mailing   list,   use   the   contact form   and   put   ' add   me   to   the   mailing   list'   in   the   message   section.   Your   e-mail   address is   not   given   or   sold   to   any   third   party,   nor   is   there   any   advertising   or   selling   of   goods or services. The   essays   are   infrequently   sent   to   the   mailing   list.   The   following   essays   are representational examples of the directional intent of their content.  The essays, like the booklet, are free to share: there is no copyright. * * * To read an essay, click upon the  (Read) button (The essays are in a PDF format--- A PDF reader is a free on-line download)   * * * 1- Awakening Connectivity                                  The   objective   of   this   essay   is   to   encourage   and   support   individuals   searching   for   a personal   connection   to   the   non-material   living-reality   of   the   First-Manifest   of   creation. It   deconstructs   the   polarization   within   individuals   and   civilization:   thereby,   revealing what    prevents    or    blocks    that    connection.    Then    goes    on    to    outline    ‘how    that connection    is    possible    by    ‘sidestepping’    or    ‘standing-aside’    of    self-maintaining polarizated self-created patterns that control without you being aware of that control.   2- Patterns and Connective Referencing           Your   self-created   patterns   establish   a   web   that,   contrary   to   nature,   grows   its   own spider   to   control   what   is   captured   in   its   stickiness.   You   reference   that   web   for   all   your decisions   not   aware   of   the   spider   that   arose   from   within   its   ‘sticky’   contents   controls the   directional   outcome   of   your   thoughts.   That   spider   is   what   unknowingly   controls your   life,   and   can   destroy   or   main   in   the   guise   of   protecting.   Know   how   that   spider arises, and what it feeds upon, will positively alter the course of your life. 3- Connecting to the Source-of-Creation                This   essay   illuminates   various   aspects   of   belief   and   internal   exploration   processes   that   have   as   their   objective   a   connection   the   Source-of-Creation.   Both   processes   are   a valid    connective    method,    but    the    underbelly    of    each    process    contains    a    hidden element that can destroy in the guise of protecting. 4- A Universal Moral-Ethical Code                                  If   you   observe   the   destructive   effects   of   a   misguided   goal,   a   thoughtless   commission, or    a    deliberate    omission    you    will    appreciate    why    it    is    essential    to    recognize,    or distinguish,    the    difference    between    an    ‘honest’    moral    codes    true-face    and    its deceptive   false-face.   Each   face   determines   how   an   individual   or   a   society   develops   an ethical   position,   and   that   position   is   what   creates   a   ‘word   is   my   bond’   human   or   a society that evolves or self-destructs. 5- MacDonald’s Spirituality                                   There   appears   to   be   a   growing   trend   toward   instant   everything,   neatly   packaged   and easy    to    assimilate,    and    so    recalled,    and    thoughtlessly    regurgitated.    This    form    of minimization   may   be   neat   packaging,   but   the   substance,   depth   and   breadth   of   what   is packaged     is     missing     or     obscured.     Consequently,     are     we     developing     into     a MacDonald’s   society   where   only   the   superficial   is   necessary?   Where   'things',   neatly packaged,   become   more   important   than   understanding   the   'how'   and   'why'   of   what   is packaged. 6- Your Word is your Bond                                    The   title   states   exactly   what   the   essay   is   about.   Is   it   becoming   a   rarity   in   today's   world where   one's   word   is   his   or   hers   bond?   Is   that   bond   open   to   the   many   and   varied   forms of   self-interest   that   reduce   that   ‘bond’   to   a   sham? And   if   so,   what   type   of   society   does that deceit create?   7- The Universality of a Child’s Laughter         Children   have   an   innate   ability   to   discover   laughter   amidst   some   of   the   most   trying   of situations.     Their     unfettered     and     uninhibited     laughter     erupting     in     absolute abandonment    arises    from    a    center    that    adults    appear    to    have    lost    or    forgotten. Rediscovering   that   center   reconnects   you   to   the   inner   core   of   your   life   that   teaches   as well as heals. 8- Life after Death                                                           (A Study in non-material Logic) This   essay   is   longer   than   normal:   17   pages.   The   extra   length   is   to   accommodate   an experiential    process    that    is    not    in    any    of    the    books    or    essays.    This    inclusion demonstrates    that    you    have    a    non-material    spirit-energy    heritage    unaware    of    its existence   until   embedded   within   consciousness.   That   initial   ‘temporary’   combination contains    the    potential     to    transform    into    a    permanent    ‘materialized’    spirit-energy melded   with,   and   as,   consciousness,   which   is   your   Identity   passport   to   a   life   beyond this   earthy   existence.   The   additional   material   will   help   you   to   appreciate   this   inner transformation   by   understanding   how   your   spirit-energy   ‘awakens’   to   realize   its   true existence,   which   is   the   ‘authorization   stamp’   on   your   newly   issued   passport   allowing you to transverse material borders . The Booklet A   free   booklet   titled,   Is   there   a   God? ,   explains   the   central   core   of   all   the   books   by delineating   ‘who   you   are’      as   opposed   to      ‘what   you   are’.      It   provides   insight   into   the experiential content and direction of the books. The booklet has 30 pages.   - The Booklet is Free to Share - No Copyright-               Use ‘Booklet’ button to download
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